The organizing committee of the IPG (c-IPG) and the Colombian Association of Engineers (ACIEM) are inviting to the VI INTERNATIONAL PIPELINE GEOTECHNICAL CONFERENCE (IPG) to be held in Bogotá D.C. Colombia, between 23 and 24 November 2023.

The conference, initiated in 2013 with the support of ASME Pipeline Systems Division (PSD), has the purpose of sharing and building knowledge, fostering international cooperation, and promoting best practices in the management of natural hazards with potential to affect transmission pipelines. This is aimed to protecting the public, contributing to a sustainable environment, improving management of infrastructure assets, their reliability and ensuring a continued pipeline operation.

IPG 2023 will cover pipeline geohazard technical and management topics including, but not limited to, remote sensing, artificial intelligence and digital transformation, pipeline integrity, NATECH risk management and gas blending (methane + hydrogen) pipelines. In addition, IPG 2023 will contribute to improve the understanding of climate variability phenomena and the effects of third-party damage in geohazard management, best practices and advances in regulations and industry standards.

The papers and presentations will be categorized in three (3) areas, as follows:

  1. Management of natural threats associated with the design and construction of transmission pipelines.
  2. Analysis and evaluation of risks due to geohazards and their planning within pipeline integrity management system.
  3. Implementation of pipeline geohazard monitoring and mitigation, and pipeline integrity management performance.


    Abstract submission [400 words]: 14 July 2023
    Abstract summary acceptance notification: 21 July 2023
    Draft paper submission: 31 August 2023
    Draft paper acceptance (Paper or Poster as per approval): 4 September 2023
    Final paper submission for Publication: 26 September 2023 [2]
    Copyright form signature: 10 October 2023
    PowerPoint delivery: 31 October
    [1]  REFERENCE:
    [2] The adjustments required by the review shall be included in the final version, which will be reviewed for final approval. Changes could be requested to the authors to resubmit the final paper, if required.
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